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Theres always been the constant societal expectation that were to reach a certain stage in life and: acquire a job, find companionship ,fall in love, get married and have children. With each milestone containing a sinister seed of falsehood and depression in the life to come coupled with the definitive fact that it's nothing but a facade we inoculate ourselves with and by extension a feeble way of creating a sense of living and personality.

Man and woman can not love, at least the way they set out to. We are irrational and primitive creatures that lust nothing but sexual satisfaction and are driven by impulse and instinct, the whole idealism that were to find the right person for ourselves and primarily love them and them only for the rest of our lives is a doltish concept. The dilemma of man and woman comes to the conclusive fact that it is simply to reproduce and ideas of exclusivity and uniqueness is just one of our many hoaxes.You latch onto an attachment with a partner and endorse yourself in beliefs that they're truly the one, the ideal partner for you, your soulmate. Only to discover your feelings weren't as potent as you initially thought, then you proceed to the next partner with the same degree of affirmation and the next and the next. An endless cycle of deception and naivety .That's why unfaithful acts in a relationship are well and truly understandable, humans have desires and ambitions that are ever changing, a marriage or relationship only limits us from expressing out true nature. Our criticism of unfaithful partners should not be that they are malignant or weak but rather honest, if anything is to besmirched extensively it should be the perfidious societal standards that we construct.

The act of bringing a child into the world is vile and hubris. The audacity to pluck an entity from non-existence into flesh and bones and expect them to then endure such a destructive and horrific world is sinister.

Verily parenthood is a sin.

Some would argue that "bringing them into this world enables them to experience both the negative and positive aspects life has to offer" FALSE existence is overall a wholesome pain to bear, a pain that one did not ask for.

To have even a moments belief that a child, relationship or friendship can grant you a sense of fulfilment or closure is daft as happiness can not be found in things governed by chance. The little control you can attempt to grasp is simply to know yourself. Know yourself for the callous creature you are.

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