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Fortuna why?Fortuna why?

Zarathustra warned me of such convergence and I ignored as my frames were fixated on you. I always assured myself that pain was momentary I was in the wrong to assume such, pain is inexhaustible it’s only us, humans that get exhausted. I gazed so far into the abyss that it felt like time and matter were at a cessation, but when your shimmering light appeared I felt. The desert that was my soul flooded with waters that haven’t been seen since the time of Noah. And Like vapid sailors on the hinges of their boats, I followed your enchanting voice, mesmerised and in awe, I would have gone to the ends of Sirenum Scopuli in devotion for you because I felt. My vessel of emotions raw at the moment would never had predicted a sabotage in the mist and so came you in your negligence and with but your hand you reached into a part of me that none had ever grasped nor seen and sent me into spiral as I came hurdling down the Tower of Babel. I truly gave you a gift of great significance to me and you did nothing in tender care but created a slit in my meek heart and what poured out afterwards were emotion I’d never felt. However with this recent trial of affections I come to the conclusive understanding that faith must not be placed in things governed by chance. And with you comes the final time I place emotions over rationality, joy over realism and someone over myself. Cioran spoke many ado but what I fathom in the structures of his work is to keep my fragile diamond wadnaha in the solitude and confines of indifference.

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