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Fash Farti

People perceive their reality as being their only truth,

However the slightest change in lens leads to immense change in perception

meaning these truths and realities are infinite

but individually there is only one truth,

a truth that is structured from a myopic view of experiences in this short life

that's altered to comfort and protect you, an inorganic truth contrived from your sub-conscious.

A single truth in a vast ocean of millions that if held to closely leads to little,

people can only gauge on other realities and truths with what is known to them or has been gifted to them by others.

"Be happy on a sunny day"

"Be Melancholy on rainy day"

You only conform and adapt to these truths simply cause others tell you to,

however it isn't the case.

The slightest change from detail to interpretation can warp everything

Your truth can be shaped and altered simply by the way you accept it.

Our truths are extremely fragile

Any new position from which you view your reality will change your perception of its nature and its essence.

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