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Naked wolf boy still being used as some gyals chew toy

Pondering over




Souteneur still on the search for wifey

I cant remember when i was this happy

i'm thinking of getting a fro out and letting my hair get all nappy

I don't wanna think too much or speak too much

I'm off no lean, bean no cup

I don't think i'm happy i'm just content

It's better than before my route was ragged and bent

I can't tell you how i feel for certain

There's just a big divide between us almost like an iron curtain

I don't wanna feel the need anymore to speak in layers of cushions and flowers

cause i don't think my intent is to wow you

What people think about you is in their minds not yours

So high-five the pavement and crawl on all fours

You've got to be a special kind of weird thats hard to find

Cause there's no standards of normality when we're all one of a kind

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